Another bold homeless quote … most of us have homes!

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Social Media influencer, Nick Johnson, went to his home town of San Bernardino, to document the widespread decline of his beloved city. He ran into to some amazing people along the way — and netted 1.4 million views online.

A homeless woman, named Bonnie, said this:

“There are a lot of reasons on why people are homeless…the majority from what I’ve gathered from just being out here within a month, most of them have a home to go to if they were sober and not steal from their family to support their habits. Like if you didn’t steal and you got a bad habit, maybe you should you support your habit in a different way instead of stealing from your own family to make them not want you to be at home. The fact of the matter is, they got homes to go to, they just gotta abide by the rules.”

This video below is already cued (18:25) to the interview, please watch it.



This is similar to another West Coat homeless woman who also was brutally honest about the state of being homeless.  Her story received 8 million views in a week.



Read our article on Multnomah County giving out 21,000 tents to homeless.


In Oregon, the politicians were quick to implement legalizing hard drugs, but then delayed by years implementing the drug rehab portion of the new law.  They sat on over $200 million in funds to help drug addicts.



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