Reporter answer: Who is funding the rioters?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon journalist, Andy Ngo, has just written an article in the NY Post addressing the most common question on who is funding the anarchists and Antifa rioters?

Andy Ngo says that taxpayers are partially footing their bill.

Here is a sample of his article,

“Last week, the city of Philadelphia agreed to pay $9.25 million to 343 left-wing protesters who alleged they suffered “physical and emotional injuries” when police used tear gas and pepper spray to clear them off a major highway in downtown at a Black Lives Matter-style direct action in 2020.Videos recorded at the time showed the mob shut down the highway while vandalizing public property. As a journalist who reports on the militant far-left and its rioters, the question I’m asked most often is, “Who funds them?”Some believe billionaire George Soros is responsible.And they would be partially correct. Soros funds groups that form part of the support apparatus of left-wing militants — district attorneys, biased media and legal groups.But his money doesn’t directly reach the pockets of militants on the street. Who ends up paying far-left rioters like Antifa? Too often, taxpayers like you and me.Through a developed network of radical leftist legal groups, like the National Lawyers Guild, lawfare against cities and police departments is the go-to method for payloads. At nearly every left-wing “direct action” or riot, you’ll see NLG “legal observers” move in and out with the mob to record police. This “evidence gathering” is propaganda made to portray the police in the worst possible light while specifically omitting any recordings of what their comrades do.” (continue reading)

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon previously reported on how $145,000 of tax dollars using Covid emergency relief funds was sent to a local Oregon non-profit that supplies food, snacks and water to on-site rioters during a riot.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon also reported on howŸ $800,000 in Oregon tax dollars to fund extreme “abolish police” leftist non-profit.  The State of Oregon awarded $800,000 (Hb 4050) to the Oregon Justice Resource Center.  OJRC tweeted about police and prisons that “We must dismantle/defund it all.”  One of its lawyers told a Portland crowd the U.S. Constitution and all police officers are effectively fascist.  Another employee, Breatrix Wing Ling Li, celebrated the hospitalization of journalist Andy Ngo and the sabotage by rioters of a Portland cafe because the shop hosted a coffee-with-cops program. She also once tweeted: “We don’t need reproductive rights if we kill all men.” (Fox Business 12/15/21)

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