$25 fee for dying?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The cost of a death certificate in Oregon is $25.

In many states it only costs only $6.

This means in Oregon it costs FOUR TIMES as much for you to die (with certification) than many other states.

Oregon is also ranked among the top 10  highest cost of “living” states.  Whether living or dying, Oregon government will cost you more.

It is just tragic that this costly and time consuming paperwork at the point of death comes at the single worst possible time for families.   Can’t government just pick up a little more the cost on this one expense?

HB 2420 creates a Legislative task force to study ways to modernize, upgrade and make death certificates more accessible on the county level.   As the bill is making its way to the Senate, we hope that it eventually leads to a discussion on how to lower the cost of death certificates.

This would be a good use of unspent Covid emergency aid funds, because Covid created an excess of deaths.

Right now, another bill  Hb 2459 ,wants to unload $50 million of unspent Covid aid on art programs.  Yes, art.

Lawmakers should look to see how unspent Covid aid could be spent helping modernizing our death records and vital statistic technology, which could lead to … yes … lower death certificate costs.

Not everyone in Oregon will see a $100 art/music ticketed show (subsidized by our tax dollars), but everyone will see death, and they could use some relief.

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