Liberal youth target top 4 villains (you will laugh)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Portland Youth Climate Strike has targeted four evil institutions are part of their four villains of the climate.

We didn’t see it as evil as these students.

Here is their list.


#1. Zenith oil trains.  Students have been protesting to end delivery of oil by both train and pipeline.

Since environmentalists helped shut down a nearby port, they don’t want oil delivered by ship vessels either.  We can only assume that they want oil shipped by trucks or no oil at all, which would be quite upending.


#2. Portland Business Alliance.   They are sending the message that business is evil — spoken by these students who may not actually have employment at the time of their villainy listing.   The Portland Business Alliance has been, over the years, helped to raise and invest millions into cleaning up Portland, scholarships, and other community projects.    These businesses are the ones who helped fund our schools.


#3. NW natural Gas:  NW Natural gas helps heat our homes and in a small way helps keeps people alive when the electricity goes out.   Natural gas delivers a better reduced carbon choice for millions of people.   One of the main reasons the United States has reduce their emissions is because of people switching to natural gas from coal.


#4. Oregon Department of Transportation:  Portland students have rallied before with signs that say “Youth vs. ODOT” ,”Fund futures, not freeways” and “No more freeways” (left in photo) which means stop building roads.

If only these progressive students knew that fewer roads mean more traffic and cars pollute the worst when they are stuck in traffic.   These specific student goals will actually contribute to a worse environment, not better.   Furthermore, as taxpayers we are not getting the roads we are paying for.    It is rare in the past decade that ODOT has actually built a road system that is more than a few miles long.    We taxpayers paid $250 million for a Portland bridge across the Columbia river and all we got was study and no actual bridge.   $250 million for nothing.



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