Strike! First nurses, now teachers … state workers next?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Providence hospital nurses in Portland and Seaside have announced a strike this summer.

Now Portland Public School teachers are walking out over conditions.

At the same time, Oregon State Public Employees held a 1,000 person rally and warned of a possible strike.

On the Portland teachers, KOIN TV reports, “Days before the end of the school year, teachers working for Portland Public Schools organized a district-wide walkout Thursday amid their ongoing fight for smaller classes, increased support and better pay. The educators protested during and after the school day, saying they feel overworked and underfunded. Teachers told KOIN 6 that returning from digital learning has exposed issues the district already faced years ago – but were exacerbated by the pandemic…Educators said they want to see PPS management use the $75 million that they helped secure for the district to go toward supporting students and staff.”

Previously, Portland Public School teachers have complained that despite big increases in funding, the money is not reaching the classroom.   One union spokesperson said that since 2017, Portland Public School central staff has risen 67% which was double the rate of what was going towards employees that work directly with students.

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