Portlanders can’t flee (no one will buy their house)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Kudo to KGW-TV for doing a story about those who wish to flee Portland but can’t as they find it is extremely difficult to sell their homes.  KGW-TV reports, “A ‘for sale’ sign hangs outside a modest home in Southeast Portland. Across the street is a homeless camp where people struggle with their addictions to fentanyl…“Since June 1 there’s been a camp on my corner, so the showings have been canceled … Some don’t want to get out of their car or even come to the door,” she said. Susie said she even dropped the price by $15,000…”

This is so tragic.

People come to look at the house and the potential buyers won’t leave their car for fear of the homeless camp in the street.

The Oregonian reported two months ago, “Sales in the Portland metro area were sluggish for the first quarter of 2023, down by a third from a year ago. Even a drop in home prices hasn’t proved enough to lure buyers.”

The Oregonian article goes on to blames high interest rates for the lack of buyers.  This is true, but as the initial story shows, who cares how high interest rates are when you have a homeless camp across the street?

This Portland man is having a government-sponsored homeless camp being built right next to his house (photo below).


Some people are able to flee but it involves selling their home at a huge loss.

Fox Business News reports one business owner saying, “Our business has been burglarized five times in the last year.  U.S. Outdoor, which is only maybe about six blocks from us, they have been burglarized 17 times. They finally had to close their doors because they just could not afford being burglarized as many times as they are. We have people all around us that are making the decision to turn around and leave. They’re selling their places literally at a loss just to be able to get out of Portland.”

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