The Prospects for World War III Grow Under Biden

The Prospects for World War III Grow Under Biden

Before President Joe Biden (D) bumbles into a global war in the Middle East, let’s remember first what former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has said about Mr. Biden’s foreign policy acumen. He noted:

[Biden} “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Mr. Gates has doubled down on that assessment repeatedly in the time since his original enunciation. Were you to ask Mr. Gates again, I am sure that he would simply point to the current mess in which we find ourselves and say, “I told you so.”

Even former President Barack Obama who allegedly chose Mr. Biden as his running mate because of his “foreign policy expertise” was heard to say as Mr. Biden began his primary challenge in 2020:

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

The difference being is that now Mr. Biden is President and he does not have Mr. Obama to ignore his advice, he does not have Mr. Gates to warn others who could neutralize Mr. Biden’s decisions. In fact, all Mr. Biden has is the person baring the most responsibility for the five decades of foreign policy mistakes, gaffes and disasters – Anthony Blinken.  Mr. Blinken has been by Mr. Biden’s side through virtually every blunder. He is Tweedle Dee to Mr. Biden’s Tweedle Dumb.

Mr. Biden is solely responsible for the war in Ukraine. Had Mr. Biden responded to the requests of Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky for defensive weapons and supplies as Mr. Putin began to roll his tanks to the Ukrainian border there probably would never have been the blitzkrieg by Mr. Putin and the Russian army. Mr. Putin invaded precisely because Mr. Biden, like his predecessor Mr. Obama, showed weakness at a time when only strength would be a deterrent. It worked for Mr. Putin when he invaded Crimea and it almost worked for him again with the invasion of Ukraine.

Mr. Biden’s first, and continuing, thought is appeasement. He has a remarkable string of failures primarily due to his equivocation and his preference to have things both ways. He accepted the advice of Mr. Blinken and the Elis of the State Department that Mr. Putin’s actions were simply planned “war games” with Russian allies and instead mollified Mr. Putin by eliminating the sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline into Europe, Nord Stream 2. Mr. Biden routinely refused requests for weapons and military assistance as being provocative and instead committed irrevocably to a “diplomatic” course. That form of institutional insanity continued to the very start of the invasion and continues to this day.

Ukraine President Volodomyr Zelensky daily requests military and humanitarian assistance. But rather than meet those needs, Mr. Biden has minimized his response in fear of the wrath of Mr. Putin and the start of World War III and/or nuclear war – boogeymen that Mr. Biden, Mr. Binken, the State Department and the intelligence community have trucked out to the great joy of the mainstream media. Every request is parsed, delayed and reduced and while significant amounts of military aid now flow into the Ukraine it is there to maintain the battle not to win it. Had Mr. Biden wished to detour this unprecedented act of aggression by Mr. Putin, he would have flooded the Ukrainian army with anti-tank and other modern weaponry prior to the invasion – he would have done it publicly and identified all of it as “defensive weapons” and still continued the diplomatic negotiations but dealing from a position of strength rather than weakness. It’s disgusting.

And Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken are at it again in Israel where they talk tough about their support for Israel but act in deference to the demands of Iran’s ruthless mullahs. Here are just a couple of examples. During the period leading up to the assault by Hamas terrorists, Mr. Biden routinely gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the cold shoulder choosing to meet with other Israeli leaders but not the Prime Minister – mostly because Mr. Netanyahu is a conservative leader and not to Mr. Biden’s left leaning administration’s liking. (He has done the same with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman resulting in the Saudi kingdom ignoring America’s pleas for additional oil after Mr. Biden shut down production in America.) Finally in September Mr. Biden agreed to what most considered an indifferent meeting between the two leaders. That was followed by the jaw-dropping assertion by Mr. Biden’s foreign policy advisor, Jake Sullivan, declaring that the Middle East was more peaceful than at any time in the past two decades. (Mr. Sullivan served Mr. Obama at the same witless level and was one of the key architects of the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran that released $150 billion dollars including a plane load of actual cash to the mullahs. They promptly increased their aid to Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas. Mr. Sullivan joins Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken as the third leg of the Fool’s Stool currently in charge of America’s foreign policy. And about the same time as the Iranian backed Hamas attack on Israel, Mr. Biden authorized the release of an additional $6 Billion to Iran – and despite nearly universal demands that it be refrozen, Mr. Biden has thus far refused. And about the same time Mr. Biden allowed a key economic sanction against Iran to expire which allowed to Iran to import and export munitions including long range rockets.

There are no bigger fools than those who think you can have it both ways in dealing with terrorists – enabling the terrorists and providing aid to their victims. The net results are protracted wars. The war in Ukraine has been going on for over a year mostly due to the refusal of Mr. Biden to provide adequate arms and ammunitions at critical times to the Ukraine and simultaneously allowing Russia to avoid economic sanctions relating to its production and sale of petroleum. The same will be true in Israel where Mr. Biden’s lack of resolve in dealing with the source of Mideast turmoil – Iran – is obvious.

So, before you get all hot and bothered that former President Donald Trump (R) is unacceptable in 2024 you may want to realistically think about the ineptitude of Mr. Biden stumbling into World War III. If you don’t like Mr. Trump then replace him in the Republican primaries with Ambassador Nikki Haley (R) – she’ll win in a walk and govern with a steady hand and no dramatics.