Magic Mushroom pilot explains himself

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Here are some latest facts on the case of the Alaska Airlines off-duty pilot who tried to crash a plane that was diverted and emergency landed in Portland according to Fox News.

• The pilot had just spent the weekend with friends, celebrating the passed life of a mutual friend who died in 2018.  He was severely depressed

• During the celebration he drank whisky and took psychedelic mushrooms

• The depression kept him up for 40 hours before he joined the flight as a ride-along in the cockpit.

“But later that night he said he began to feel a deep unease and a sense that his friends were teasing him and maybe trying to hurt him.”I felt fearful of them,” Emerson said. “I started to have this feeling that this wasn’t real.”  Emerson also said he began worrying about the safety of his wife and children, fretted over his estranged relationship with his brother and replayed shameful things that had happened over his lifetime.”

• He panicked over the cockpit news that mild turbulence was ahead.

• As the plane took off, he said he began to panic when he struggled to understand the pilots’ response to a report of mild turbulence ahead.

• He texted a friend saying he was having a panic attack,  the friend replied telling him to do “breathing exercises.”

• Confused by his friends text he yelled at the pilots for help and then grabbed the engine controls to shut off the handles in order to wake himself up.

• “…the pilots grabbed his wrists and pushed the emergency handles back into place before the engines were starved of fuel.Emerson was then cuffed by crew members in the main cabin before he picked up a pot of coffee and chugged from it directly until a flight attendant took it away.Emerson provided the outlet with screenshots of a text message he said he sent to a group of friends while cuffed writing, “I’m having a mental breakdown and tried to turn off both engines on my flight home.”

He sent a text to his wife writing, “I’ve made a big mistake,”

• “…the flight attendants said Emerson repeatedly asked whether things were real or whether he was in a nightmare.At one point, he reached out to open the emergency door, thinking that if he jumped out he would certainly wake up. A flight attendant stopped him by grabbing his hand and he was taken into custody when the flight landed.”

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