Harney Judge’s final order strikes down M114 gun law

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


KOIN TV Reports, ” An Oregon judge has entered the final order striking down a gun control law that was narrowly approved by voters in 2022.Harney County Circuit Court Judge Robert Raschio signed the general judgment on Monday. The judgment finalizes the opinion Raschio issued in November finding the law violated the right to bear arms under the Oregon.”

Oregon’s Attorney General has pledged to appeal the decision.

Measure 114 was a ballot measure that banned more than 10 rounds in a firearm, mandated police begin training citizens on firearms as part of a lengthy permit process.

Last week, the same Judge rejected these arguments against his findings;

— FBI won’t conduct background checks.
— that parties “agreed” that the implementation of the law would cause “delays the purchase of firearms for a minimum of 30 days.”
— that Measure 114 backers failed to present public safety evidence.
— dispute of ownership of firearms information.
— that mass shootings are sensationalized by the media
— that “almost all emigrants to the Oregon Territory had firearms.”
–that the “a magazine is a necessary component of a firearm.”

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