New taxes to bailout baseball, art, pizza, monthly $1,000 for homeless

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon State Lawmakers are considering a Statewide Property Tax (HJR 201), a timber tax (Sb 1593) and also an income tax increase (Federal disconnect tax bill).


Here is what some of those taxes may be paying for:


• Bailout baseball: Hillsboro Hops baseball team is asking lawmakers right now for $20 million in tax cash hand-outs for a luxury upgrade on their venue.  Their park only serves 1,800 fans which means the $20 million bailout (+$18M lodging tax/+$8M city tax) means each Hillsboro baseball fan cost taxpayers $24,000 to subsidize.  (read more).


Free pizza for homeless and poor: Senate Bill 1585 (SB 1585) would expand Federal Food Stamps to cover hot foods such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries. Welfare’s Food Stamp program already covers the purchase of junk foods, this bill would make it more expansive.


Bailout art groups.  Under proposed SB 1852, The Ashland Shakespeare Festival is looking to lawmakers for a $2.5 million bailout, despite having $90 million in assets.   The Portland Art Museum is seeking a quarter million bailout, and they are need it for their art shows like screening the 2000 horror film Psycho Beach Party this month. (read more)



• Fund $1,000 monthly (no-restriction) checks to homeless:  This month, Oregon has started awarding $1,000 monthly checks to homeless youth to spend on whatever they wish.  Below are other free items taxpayers help pay for the homeless.



• Free rent:  Oregon Governor Tina Kotek is proposing for the February Legislature that they spend $20 million for rent subsidies.  Rent subsidizes are ripe for abuse and an open-ended expense that spiral out of control. 


So, before lawmakers consider raising our taxes with the Statewide Property Tax (HJR 201), a timber tax (Sb 1593) and also an income tax increase (Federal disconnect tax bill), they should first control their runaway spending problem.


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