Schools drive teachers away … non-stop

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Wall Street Journal had a new multi-state study showing that teachers are leaving the profession in big numbers and it is still happening long after the pandemic.  OPB reports that Oregon also has a long standing teacher shortage, despite Oregon teachers being the 13th best paid teachers in America and having one of the nation’s fewest school days.

It shares this example of why teachers leave, “…teachers say that student behavior has worsened since the pandemic, making their jobs more challenging.Limited support from administrators with student behavior pushed Ryan Higgins to leave his job teaching world geography in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2022. “I was a ninth-grade teacher and my students were seventh-graders emotionally,” he said. “I felt like I didn’t even get to teach.”

This is exactly what happened in Oregon.  Consider the high profile case of the Tualatin Middle School that became famous for fights breaking out and being caught on video.  A teacher at the school said students were allowed to run wild and saying, “students can essentially do whatever they want”… “if I were a parent and knew what was going on at Hazelbrook, I would not want to send my child here.”  Governor Brown pushed schools to not expel violent and disruptive students out of equity concerns. 

Check out this headline last year on Portland public schools.

Or this headline…


Various Oregon schools are getting worse as they ….

• Pull police officers out of schools to appease liberal protesters
• Refrain from expelling violent students at the expense of all other students
• Allow students to disrespect teachers without consequences
• Ignore absenteeism — Oregon among nation’s highest
• Block teachers from choosing Charter Schools for more flexibility (State has 3% cap)

What other factors did we miss?

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A substitute teacher commented on Facebook and confirmed our findings.

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