Sen. Atkinson: Human rights in China, India

Atkinson discusses world concerns of economics and human rights with leaders in India and China
State Senator Jason Atkinson
Press Release;

SOUTHERN OREGON — On a recent trip to India and China, Senator Jason Atkinson (R-Central Point) was able to talk with the Foreign Ministers of both countries about issues of world-wide concern, namely Darfur, the environment and free elections.

In a meeting with Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister He Yafei, Senator Jason Atkinson challenged China’s support of the military of Sudan. Atkinson is concerned that the military technologies China is selling to Sudan are being directly used to further genocide in Darfur. “We had a candid conversation,” Atkinson stated. “As China is preparing to host the Olympics next year, I told the He Yafei American’s are gravely concerned with their support of Sudan.”

Atkinson met with China’s Assistant Foreign Minister in Beijing, and had meetings with other Chinese officials on topics ranging from the environment, food poisoning, Tibet, and human rights.

“As a developing superpower, China has not changed its position on religious freedom, human rights, or due process” Senator Jason Atkinson noted. “The world demands China clean up its act.”

The following week, Senator Jason Atkinson met with India’s Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menor and discussed border disputes with China, India’s election process and the developing middle class.

“India is the economy to watch,” Senator Jason Atkinson noted. “India is modernizing, investing heavily in education, and focusing businesses from large public companies to local textile shops toward international trade.”

Atkinson is a member of the inaugural class of the Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership, an Aspen Institute program designed to bring together “the very best of the nation’s emerging leaders” to discuss broad issues of democratic governance and effective public service. The purpose of the seminar in China and India was to compare and contrast international issues of these two developing countries

Jason Atkinson was a 2006 candidate for governor in Oregon; he was elected to the Oregon Legislature in 1998. He has developed a reputation for his work on the environment, education policy, and government accountability. He is a management consultant, motivational speaker and the author of “What We All Wish Politicians Understood.”

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  • Enough already

    Do we really have to suffer through this kind of self serving PR? For God’s sake, Jason Atkinson is a pretender of the first degree. Meeting with foreign secretaries of China and India? For what?

    Oh – he has an Aspen Institute fellowship! And we think in Oregon he is a conservative? The Aspen Institute has been pushing the globalist/UN view since 1950. Look at their board of directors! Maurice Strong??!! He is the architect of Kyoto!

    Jason Atkinson consorts with these types of people and then sends press releases out about it?

    He is so self absorbed he doesn’t even realize that what he is pretending to do is making him a laughing stock for those who really understand.

    Oh yeah a state senator in Oregon meets with China’s foreign minister and then issues a stern statement calling for China to loosen up its religious oppression. yawn. I’ll be the Chinese government is quaking in their bound feet.

    What a dope.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you’ve earned your cynical credentials. If serving on a committee with people of questionable policy views means that you can be painted with the same broad brush, then how the heck do real conservatives work with anyone?

      Enough already with the cynicism. Be constructive.

    • slickdriver

      Dear what a Dope,
      If that had been someone like Oregon’s Jeff Golden (who wants to be our next US Senator) or Hillary herself, you’d be spewing psychobabble about how sensitive and concerned they are about human rights in Dafur. You don’t care about anything but putting down someone who has honest concerns. You don’t see this kind of diplomacy very often, and when you do it’s usually liberal politicians and Hollywood types meeting with haters of freedom berating our government. Is Mel Gibson’s “conspiracy theory” one of your favorite movies?

  • JC

    Actually I have met and talked with Atkinson several times and found him to be refreshingly bright, intelectually curious and engaging. Not an idealogue at all. I think international exchange programs to promote greater dialogue and discussion can be extremely valuable in helping differing cultures and political systems to relate in a political sense.

    I guess if I was a cynical bomb thrower I would disparage such conduct and continue to view the world through my narrow little keyhole view. Fortunately, I still appreciate a diversity of view points

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