Taxpayers Assoc. is only opposition to 10-cent gas tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Willamette Week had this quote from their story involving the 10-cent Portland gas tax increase 26-245.

As the vaunted media outlet notes, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon provided the only two opposition statements in the Voters Guide against the gas tax Measure 26-245 (as we are sometimes the only known opposition for many tax increases).

This also gives us a chance to say why we oppose the 10-cent Portland gas tax #26-245.


No Measure 26-245 gas tax increase until Portland stops wasting our existing tax dollars


Here is how your tax dollars are wasted:


• Over $175 million of transportation tax dollars were spent studying the Columbia River Crossing Bridge that was never built. (Oregonian 7/4/13)


Ÿ• Politicians wasted $134 million on the Tilikum Crossing bridge and $19 million on the Blumenauer bridge and neither bridge allows cars to use it to relieve traffic congestion.



• Portland uses transportation dollars to remove perfectly good, well-used and paid-for roads and converts them into seldom-used bus/bike-only lanes.  (Willamette Week 10/30/19).  Removing existing roads only increases traffic congestion.


Ÿ• Portland wasted tax dollars by erecting countless orange construction barrels across the City to close off an astounding 100 sections of streets during Covid as a completely ludicrous effort to block people from driving during the pandemic. (KGW 4/28/20).   Here is what it looked like at the time:



Ÿ• Millions of extra tax dollars have been spent on graffiti removal of our highways and roads because vandals are arrested and quickly released. Just weeks ago, one of the City’s most notorious and prolific graffiti vandals dubbed KASR “has been arrested and released multiple times in the past few years for alleged acts of vandalism.” (KGW 2/22/24).   Letting repeat vandals off the hook is costing you and I millions in added costs.


As we have just shown you — the politicians have wasted over $328 million on transportation projects that have nothing to do with paving roads and fixing potholes.   The government waste and abuse won’t stop until taxpayers say enough is enough.

As for the perpetually “grumpy” quote … we had this fun alternative …

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