Tax $$ for baseball is about homeless wildfire victims???

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Eugene has a property tax ballot measure (Measure 20-358) asking voters for $15 million in higher property taxes to give a major $90 million facelift to a baseball stadium.  Other taxpayer funds may be dumped in the project as well.

In their promotional material (above) they say they need a bigger stadium because as they say “…The facility will service as a designated mass shelter equipped with essential infrastructure for community safety such as wildfires…”


First, you can build a better disaster shelter outside of a grass field without spending $90 million dollars.  If we spend $90 million, couldn’t we get at least a roof?

Second, if it is a grass field to house disaster tents that we need, why not every Middle School and High School grass field?  I mean right this very instance Eugene school has on the ballot right now a $91 million dollar property tax (Measure 20-358) to fund schools.  Can’t that $90 million be spent for space for disaster relief?

Third, if we are preparing for future wildfires victims, should we not spend the funds on preventing wildfires like harvesting trees, clearing out fire-prone areas, maintaining road access to forests for emergency vehicles?   The current day liberal policy of sit-and-watch-it-burn is not working.   Wildfire prevention is more important than baseball.

Finally, the same flyer shows a crowd of people.

It doesn’t appear to show a crowd from the Eugene Baseball team, because their crowds are very small. The Eugene Emeralds are among the bottom 20% area for least supported fan leagues in America for their league.   Why should taxpayers be forced to pay for a piece of entertainment that even the fans do not show up to watch?

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