Oregonian blasts Kotek, “ethically challenged lane”

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Oregonian Editorial Board harshly criticized Kotek over her handling of her wife’s First Spouse office plan in their Sunday edition.  They say Kotek is heading down “another trip down ethically challenged lane”

It mentions Kotek’s backtrack of the First Spouse idea by saying,

“But the move is too little and too late in light of internal emails that paint a concerning picture of what Kotek has allowed to unfold in her office over the past several months.Kotek’s announcement suggests she doesn’t seem to recognize what is raising alarm for Oregonians…Unfortunately, none of what the governor announced last week – neither the plan to produce a manual of policies defining the first spouse role, nor the news that her wife, Aimee Kotek Wilson, will limit her duties for now – dispels the worry that we may be at the beginning of another trip down ethically challenged lane.”

The Oregonian goes on to note;

“But the governor’s responses reflected either a lack of awareness of how troubling the situation was for employees or a refusal to acknowledge it. Kotek’s apparent resistance to defining Kotek Wilson’s role before the staff exodus is one reason the initiative to create a manual will lack credibility with the public.”

The Daily Mail ran story on Governor Tina Kotek with an over-the-top inappropriate headline that is too much for even us to reference or link to.  It reflects how much more criticizing the media has become over Governor Kotek.

This comes as Governor Tina Kotek just had her Public Relations director resigned and lawyer resigned in the past few weeks, just behind three other top staffers.  That is five top staffers resign from the Governor’s Office.

Here have been some recent Kotek headlines in the past 40 days.

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