10 highlights from election results

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

*** News based on data from 4:00AM Wednesday morning, results may change

#1. The man behind Portland’s crime wave, District Attorney Mike Schmidt, heads for defeat.   Schmidt was backed by a Soros-linked PAC and was famous during the past four years for letting criminals go free.  He is way behind the “tough-on-crime” candidate Nathan Vasquez.

#2. Two far-Leftist Congressional candidates lose in Democratic Primary.  Susheela Jayapal, the Multnomah County Commissioner who helped wreck Multnomah County and who’s sister is in Congress as one of the more extreme liberals in D.C., was defeated by State Representative Maxine Dexter for Congress #3 to replace exiting Congressman Earl Blumenauer.  A pro-Israel PAC came to Dexter’s defense.  Also, the far-Left socialist leaning Jamie McKleod-Skinner is losing to State Representative Janelle Bynum in the Congress #5 race.   A pro-Israel PAC came to Bynum’s defense.

#3. Son of State Senator Art Robinson, Noah Robinson, leads over State Representative Christine Goodwin for Oregon Senate #3.

#4. Former State Representative Christine Drazan retakes her House seat from incumbent State Representative James Hieb. 

#5. Incumbent State Representative Charlie Conrad bounced from seat.  Republican State Representative Charlie Conrad was targeted over his social issues by a more conservative challenger Darin Harbick and lost.  At one point Harbik is leading by nearly 80% of the vote.  More on background of race can be found here, and here.

#6. Eugene voters reject both Rank-Choice voting scheme (20-349) and a property tax to bailout a baseball team(20-358).  Rank-Choice voting has previously passed in Portland, but now has failed in Eugene.  It will be on the ballot statewide this November.  Rank-Choice voting is a disaster.  Baseball bailout was a boondoggle.

#7. Two long-standing heroic and important County Commissioners are in jeopardy.  Incumbent Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith (there may be a run-off) and incumbent Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer are losing in their re-election races.  Read more from OPB here.

#8. Local tax revolts succeed.  Voters rallied against two Hood River Parks measure against a pair of $70 million dollar parks-recreation spending spree property taxes (#14-77, #14-78).  In Bend/La Pine a whopping $1.00/$1,000 property tax bond that would have cost many homeowners $700+ more in taxes (Measure 9-167) and for which angered local citizens is losing.  The Taxpayers Association of Oregon was involved in these races.

#9. Usual stronger candidates in statewide races won for Attorney General, State Treasurer and Secretary of State in each primary.   Former House Speaker Dan Rayfield won Democrat Primary for Attorney General. Will Lathrop won GOP Primary for attorney General. State Senator Dennis Linthicum won GOP Primary for Secretary of State. State Senator Brain Boquist won GOP Primary for State Treasurer. State Representative Elizabeth Steiner won Democrat Primary for State Treasurer. For State Treasurer Tobias Read won Democrat Primary for Secretary of State.

#10. New county votes in favor of Greater Idaho.  Crook County voted to join the plan to join the Greater Idaho project.


— Smaller race update:  The wife of State Senator Dennis Linthicum is winning for the Senate seat to replace vacating Dennis Linthicum.  Former State Representative Mike McLane is winning his bid for a State Senate seat.

— Low voter turn-out.  As of 4:00AM Wednesday morning voter turn-out was about 26%, well below the 33% from 2022 Primary.

— The much-talked-about Moderate Democrat PAC invested in Lisa Fragala (over more liberal Doyle Canning) and won in House #8 race.  More on this race.

— Portland goes crazy for new taxes.  Voters approved a hefty and costly school tax measure, a 10-cent gas tax and (along with Metro) a Zoo bond tax.

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