Illegal migrant tells reporter Andy Ngo “Go back to China”

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

For the first time in his life, Oregon journalist Andy Ngo, was told to go back to China following a racial slur and threats (He’s Vietnamese for the record).

This happened as Andy Ngo was documenting migrant camps in Dublin Ireland.

He was later blocked from documenting the encampment and blocked from talking to people who reside there.



Following this incident, a environmentalist and Green Party member showed sympathy and solidarity with Andy Ngo and then showed how he has been documenting the out-of-control waste that is coming from the camps.




The Daily Mail confirms that these tents are paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Many of these camps were removed, only to be filled back again days later.

These examples of (1) tax subsidized camps (2) media censorship (3) waste (4) racial hostilities (5) criticisms from both progressive and conservative voices and (6) inability to clear unsafe camps from returning migrants is a serious issue for their leaders, and reflect the same type of problems we face in America.

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