Lars Larson: Time to send somebody to jail for IRS scandals


by Lars Larson

It is long past time that somebody in the Obama administration got an outside agency to take a look at these IRS scandals.

There were efforts by the Obama administration to use the IRS to go after Americans in their free speech and political activities.

We all know that it happened. We saw it happening. We saw dozens of conservative groups who were targeted by the IRS, denied their tax-exempt status that they were guaranteed under law, and kept from engaging in the 2012 elections.

The Obama administration now knows about it. The President said he was outraged by what appeared to have been done and he promised to get to the bottom of it. Yet he’s assigned people within his own administration to investigate these misdeeds by his administration!

It’s long past time that we got an outside agency to take a hard look at this and send somebody to jail.

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  • Fish in a barrel

    This has already been completely debunked! The IRS went after both progressive and conservative groups. Leave it to Lars to keep regurgitating a bunch of BS.

    • Ballistic45

      “This has already been completely debunked!” Where did your info come from.. I know they claimed this, but the focus on Conservatives and Conservative groups far out numbered Liberal groups, I’m interested in your non biased source for this claim…

      • LulzPdx

        LOL.. and are you going to give us your unbiased assessment of those sources? Just don’t see that happening.

        • Ballistic45

          Well I guess that was useless to ask.. I was serious, everything I have read and heard points in a different direction than your claim, I really wanted to know.. Even Famous Dr. Ben Carson claims he was audited shortly after his comments at a prayer breakfast with Obama… But hey, if you are just pulling crap out of the air OK..

          • LulzPdx

            With the way you yell, and denigrate liberals, why would I assume that you are serious and not just using the post as another excuse to show how intolerant and judgmental you are?

          • .

            Mesdames LulzPdx, sorely, a hangover mongerer from the French evolution, oui, oui!

          • .

            Boo, hiss for such a supercilious injurious jackass-inline berserk-ion!

          • LulzPdx

            Why do you do this? Why do you ignore God’s desire for you to love your neighbor? What makes you so prideful that you let Satan into your heart. I truly don’t know why you hate God so much that you ignore His love and wisdom.

          • .

            All d’oh you remain unawares and your DEMentia slip is showing. Stop drinking the blue kool-aid this moment and get wise to the seditious factions bewildering you.

          • LulzPdx

            I forgive you, and I will pray for you.

          • .

            Don’t cry for me Arch-enema! From where you seem situated Peron, you might peel out a rope, tie a big knot, hang on and hope the devil ain’t pullin’ on your details pilgrim.

          • .

            Because, Pillory of salt Clintoon, you’re such a Lot of biblical winsome. Das ist wry.

          • .

            Another carp murmur from one who dozes off whence sated from sugar snoogies mfd and marketed by what’s left of US.

          • .

            Ha! Look who’s pitch’n sum bitch’n! Rawk a bye baby in the LulzPalaver entreaty.

          • LulzPdx

            So what about the CNN report that David posted?

        • .

          D’oh I see said the blinded persona attending her briefs.

        • .

          Wail uttered by a crotchety bitty.

        • .

          O U slug in garden bed of eat’n!

          • LulzPdx

            God loves you, even as you spurn His love and creation. I can only imagine the pain that was inflicted on you that makes you lash out in hate like you do. Please, listen to God. Don’t ignore Him or spurn His love.

    • .

      That’s hogwash for the impure!
      Cecil 91 has it nailed to the double cross.

    • David Parsons

      So Lois Lerner didn’t have to hire a lawyer and plead the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination? She did it for nothing? Moron.

    • guest

      Bleeping up on Lars is a haunch of bully baloney!
      I don’t always agree with him yet he’s undoubtedly smarter than the lot of leftist bears out snittn’ in these thar woods.
      So go fish, you carper from what’s left of US!

    • .

      “BS” as defined by Norman Schwarzkopf or BHO’s propaganda administer? Fish in a barrell, you seemingly burble off like a load of carp!

  • DavidAppell

    “IRS inspector general: Liberals also on target list”
    Tom Cohen, CNN, July 18, 2013

  • cecil91

    Lefties always deny the truth when it looks bad for them. The Democrat spin machine is truly an awesome thing to see. It whips out giant whoppers by the tonnage.
    Fact is that the IRS DID unfairly target conservative non profit organizations. Not only did the US Inspector General say so, but it was even reported in that bastion of leftwing propaganda, the (gasp) NY Times.

    Debunk that one!

    • 3H

      “Lefties always deny the truth when it looks bad for them.

      Well, evidently not just lefties.

      Take a look at the article posted by David, which is dated after yours. More information came in, and it does appear that the IRS targeted liberals too.

      Consider yourself debunked.

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  • cecil91

    See how it goes? No matter how much you document the facts, no matter how much you expose the truth, if liberals don’t like it they deny it. It really makes you wonder at what point was the power of reason sucked out of their cranial vaults.

    So you have the WH spokesman, the inspector general, and Lois Lerner, the head of the IRS division that did the targeting, all admitting or stating that the IRS “inappropriately” targeted conservative groups. And then Lerner is put on administrative leave and resigns in Sept. And in the face of this we have some keyboard illiterates on the Oregon Catalyst telling us it just didn’t happen. Seriously folks, you can’t even make this stuff up.

    • 3H

      Rather than address the facts cited in David’s article, you choose, instead, to be evasive and cite a story that appeared even earlier than the one you cited first. I’m assuming that your willingness to engage in an ad hominem attack is caused by your unwillingness to actually address the issue and facts that contradict your narrative . How sad. But I’ll try again.

      So, what do you make of the revelations that came after the articles you cited. The one where the inspector general admits that he didn’t have all the facts before, and that liberals were targeted as well? Was he telling the truth before, and now he’s lying?

      Once you make up your mind, is it closed? Do you allow yourself to accept new facts? Facts that might put you at risk of changing your mind?

      • driftervii

        The bolo list was net designed to hold up tea party applications, not an actual list of singular groups. A minute ( less than one percent) amount of the groups were liberal. These groups were just caught up in the net that was designed to target tea party groups. To say “liberal groups were targeted as well” is dishonest at best.

        • cecil91

          3H is simply unable to comprehend such matters.

          • 3H

            LOL.. you’re funny. I’m coming to the conclusion that you project your personal failings onto everyone else.

            What do you make of David’s CNN post Cecil? You keep ducking that question. Afraid of the truth? You’re starting to come off as an intellectual bully and coward.

          • cecil91

            Yeah, you know someone’s entire personality and history by a few message board posts. The strained deductive reasoning and lack of coherent thought is all i know about you. But I’m a bully, coward, and projecting my personal failings. LOL, you’re a serious case.

            The overwhelming consensus of pundits across the political landscape is that conservative non profits were scrutinized more than were progressive groups. The FBI is still investigating but nor expected to file charges. The head of the IRS apologized, and the Inspector General stated that conservative groups were targeted much more than were progressive groups. The entire body of evidence points to UNFAIR treatment. And that’s all that anyone has maintained all along, and the evidence for it is clearly evident on the internet and in the congressional record. You go look it up, and get back to me someday.

        • 3H

          How do you explain that “progressive” was on the BOLO list?

          • 3H

            “Yeah, you know someone’s entire personality and history by a few message board posts.

            1) I’m making a judgment on your current actions, I have no idea if you’re like that all the time or just on here

            2) You do the exact same thing, so now we need to add hypocrite to the list as well?

            3) From what I can see, you don’t like being disagreed with, and you have no ability to engage in disagreement in a civil fashion. If you’re like this off-board, I feel sorry for the people around you.

            4) The FBI investigates crimes, they don’t file charges.

            5) All I said was there liberals were targeted too. That’s it. And now you’ve essentially admitted that I’m right. I’m pretty sure that’s the closest I’ll get from you, so thank you.

            6) I think the BOLO lists were wrong in the way they targeted conservatives and liberals (and yes, more conservatives were targeted). But I don’t believe this is a huge political scandal that can be dropped at the doorstep of the White House. Sorry, I’m just not that big on conspiracy theories. I think what happened was that a whole lot of work was dumped on the IRS offices, and they took shortcut to try and cut down on their workload.

            7) Have you ever tried being pleasant while debating? Not as much fun, but certainly more productive.

          • driftervii

            sorry bud but not a single liberal group was held up ….they received either an approval or denial ….the tea party groups were held in limbo …in effect silencing them during a presidential campaign. It would help a lot if we can actually find out WHO WROTE the bolo list. If the WH would’ve been honest (which they have not been) maybe I would not implicate them….but so far its nothing but stonewalling. So if someone confesses to creating the bolo list on their own…ill believe that the WH wasn’t involved…but so far no one has done so. So many lies , why should I believe anything the WH says.

          • 3H

            So what you are arguing is that a lack of evidence is, in fact, evidence?

          • .

            7) debating 3H is like trying to charm Baby Snooks, bwa ha ha ha!

  • Dick Winningstad

    Townhall has compled some numbers that show conservative groups were disproportionately challenged and delayed from getting nonprofit status (104/questions per group 15/46% approved) compared to liberal groups (7/5/100%).
    Even USA Today could not find fairness:

    • Dick Winningstad

      That should be compiled, not compled

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