Oregon Right to Life, taxpayer group publish SD 10 slates

By Reagan Knopp —

With Friday’s appointment meeting fast approaching, there’s been a flurry of activity surrounding the process to replace Senator Jackie Winters (R-Salem) after her passing last month.

So far there have been numerous candidate announcements, a Pierce poll, and a letter from a conservative firearms group.

Now, people familiar with information being distributed to Marion and Polk County Republican precinct persons show more groups expressing their preferences.

Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) and the Taxpayer Defense Project (TDP) have published preferred slates via letters to Republicans grassroots.

Oregon Catalyst was able to obtain a copy of the PCP letter sent by the Taxpayer Defense Project and spoke with sources familiar with the contents of the letter from Oregon Right to Life.

It is critical that you choose three possible replacements who each are committed to defending Oregon taxpayers from excessive taxation and regulation. These people are Representative Denyc Boles, Kevin Chambers, and Becky Mitts.

Russ Walker, President of the Taxpayer Defense Project

TDP’s letter is signed by the organization’s president, Russ Walker, and expresses support for Denyc Boles, Kevin Chambers, and Becky Mitts.

Oregon Right to Life’s also threw their considerable weight behind Boles, Chambers, and Mitts. Oregon Right to Life previously endorsed Boles in HD 19, and supported Chambers when he unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of Monmouth in 2018.

The list of likely candidates now includes Selma Pierce, Denyc Boles, Kevin Chambers, TJ Sullivan, Becky Mitts, Ken Outfleet and two new names: Tim Cowan and Lee Kaiser.