New Voices: Minneapolis Police Chief speaks out

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Medaria Arradondo, a 30-year veteran and the first black man to head the Minneapolis police department is interviewed by 60 Minutes over the case that has set America into an uproar.   This is a good video segment into the issues surrounding the case because it deals with officers, the case, the police union and also how the department handled (or mishandled) the riot situation.

You must go to 60 Minutes to view the video.

—— Taxpayer Association post-script: Because the chaos on America’s streets has been historic and because the issue of race is among America’s most complicated and heart-rendering of issues the Taxpayer Association is publishing short update articles that include new constructive voices as part of a “new voices” series. If you have a suggestion of a “new voice” please email us at [email protected]

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