Riot crowd hits Mayor’s home, neighborhood

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Within days of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler offering to meet and listen with violent protestors, they responded by targeting his Pearl District residency in Downtown Portland last Friday night (8/28/20).


-Protestors locked themselves together in the lobby of Portland Mayor Wheeler residence (video).


– Few hundred people shut down the street in front of the condo and began to host a live-band rock dance party.


– People chanted “F*ck Ted Wheeler. F*ck Ted Wheeler. F*ck Ted Wheeler. ” at the condo building.


– People flashed high powered strobe lights into the people’s windows (video).


– Upon finding out Wheeler was not in town that night, one bullhorn speaker said “Ted doesn’t care about BLM” as evidence of him not being home.


– The streets and buildings around the condo were heavily tagged (with chalk this time) with police-bashing messages.


One block away was this sign…


More on Mayor Wheeler’s peace plea to rioters here.

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