Liberal church doesn’t understand why Portland rioters vandalize them

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

After the massive Portland April 16th riot, Robin Knauerhase of the First Christian Church told KATU-TV News that they don’t understand the destruction, “We’re specifically an anti-racist, pro-reconciling congregation with our denomination. Destruction of property is never a good thing, but a house of God where we’re probably on the side of the people who were upset? It really just felt disappointing.”

Our hearts go out to this victimized church (and the other church vandalized that same night), but this is the third time the church has been hit, and we are interested in making sure it doesn’t happen again.

What people do not understand is that no matter of liberal slogans (as seen below) on your building will protect you from rioters.   They are anarchists — yet the media calls them antifascists (despite their wanton destruction on everything and everyone).   They are criminals — yet people excuse their behavior as angst, rage and other excuses.  Such excuses is why the local District Attorney has dropped nearly 700 riot charges.

A different church sharing the same block had these similar signs.


The anarchists themselves even left these anarchist symbols behind on the April 16th riot just to make sure you know they are indeed anarchists.

The pastor told KGW-TV “The church’s revenue has been impacted because of the pandemic, so we were already struggling”

Here is what needs to happen so more churches, small businesses and police stations do not get attacked again:

  • Fund Portland police by restoring their $12 million cut
  • Stop issuing 700 “free-to-riot” cards, and arrest criminals
  • Start calling them for what they are “Leftist Anarchists” and not “protesters” or “antifascists”

The perspective of the victimized church is often similar to politicians who think they can keep appeasing rioters.

10 times Gov. Brown, Wheeler met protestor demands

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