Portland protesters declare war on Capitalism

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

On May 25th, one year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, Portland anarchist protesters vandalized downtown Portland.   They left scrawling on businesses that read “F*ck Capitalism.

Below are some original photo documentation from the Taxpayers Association of Oregon.

Here is where they attacked Capitalism on a Pioneer Courthouse Square coffee shop.  They wrote “Die Nazis” (left) on their windows.


They broke their windows after having attacked the very same coffee shop two times in the past two months. (Photo right: provided by Portland Police)


They also destroyed the front windows of a nearby restaurant on Broadway.


Portland protesters also tore down fencing that was set up to protect a business building on 5th street.


This clothing store had it s window bashed. (Footage from It Aint Pretty on Twitter)



Portland protesters destroyed ride-sharing scooters and left one right in front of Portland City Hall (where they shattered nearly a dozen windows).


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