Taxpayer Assc. endorses Day for Court, Helt for Labor, Harbick for Senate

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC endorses these candidates; Vance Day, Cheri Helt, Darin Harbick for these three important statewide races:

Vance Day for Appellate Court District #3
– Proven, experienced judge who respects the Constitution
– Catalyst story

Cheri Helt for Bureau of Labor
– Small business restaurant owner and former lawmaker
– Catalyst article

Darin Harbick for U.S. Senate
– The strongest candidate in nearly a decade for U.S. Senate with a quarter million raised so far.
– Catalyst article.

Don’t just vote for these candidates…go to their websites, get a lawn sign, make a donation, lend your own endorsement.