Tucker, Ngo cover Portland church arson

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Fox News Tucker Carlson, #1 cable news program, talked with Oregon journalist, Andy Ngo on the recent arson of a century old Portland church.


Here are other church attacks Portland has endured since the pandemic:



Last summer (2022) a Catholic school and parish was vandalized.


Last fall (2022), this Portland church (St. Andrews Presbyterian) was broken into and nearly every room was wrecked.


About five Mormon churches have closed in Portland, in part, due to the Portland rioting and crime wave.


last summer Hinson Memorial Baptist church (left) was attacked by anarchists/Antifa.  (right) Portland downtown church had their windows bashed by anarchist rioters.



Four Portland Catholic churches were hit with paint and scrawlings in protest over political issues occurring in Canada





Portland’s Central Catholic High School prolifically tagged by rioters who marched by on election night.



Portland protester attacks church, sends priest fleeing for safety.


Not even liberal churches are spared by Leftist rioters. (Downtown Portland First Christian Church, April 2021)


Antifa uses mace to attack pastor holding event in Waterfront park.


Portland Leftist protesters and anarchist try to disrupt Christian concert with bullhorn, taunts


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