Summers near over … tardy Kotek still juggling bills

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek let 300 Legislative bills pile up on her desk and watched the 2023 Legislature close before she decided to ask the people of Oregon on what to do with all the bills on her desk.  She wanted to “listen” to the people.   It was not a good time to ask because lawmakers went home and there was no time to amend the bills that she didn’t like (Governors normally signal in advance which bills lawmakers are working on do not have their approval so the bill can be fixed and/or lawmakers can stop wasting their time on it).

Roughly 40 days later, Kotek is still processing bills and doing signing ceremonies as she just signed a nursing bill and an abortion bill two days ago.

At this point, it appears that only two bills out of some 300 have been fully vetoed.  At a 99% approval rate of bills, how much listening to the people is she actually doing?   This is similar to Kotek’s listening tour across Oregon, where no one knows about it and she talks to small audiences of people who are mostly connected to government.   At a 99% approval rate of bills, do we really have a governor anymore — or is she just a rubber stamp of the Legislature?   These are just small reasons why Governor Kotek was rated the least liked Governor in America.

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