15 reasons Kotek nation’s #1 most unpopular Gov.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


A Morning Consult poll shows Kotek once again the nation’s least popular Governor.

The Taxpayers Association has written 15 articles on Kotek this year alone showcasing her errors, mistakes and scandals.

• She can’t make a decision – 3 Kotek delay mishaps (she can’t make a tough decision)

• She works alone – Kotek follows Brown: Go-at-it-alone, shun bipartisan unity

• She’s tied to scandal – FTX $$ scandal entraps Kotek, AG … Wyden?

• Spending blow-out – Kotek doles out 22% raises, $1500 inflation bonus

• She’s not doing her job – Kotek waits until 300 bills pass House, Senate to seek public input

• More scandal – Controversial pot biz $$ tied to Kotek, Fagan

• She puts environment above people – Gov. Kotek’s oddball quote

• She avoids the public – Kotek visited rural Oregon … did anyone notice?

• She is slow to act, causing people to ignore her – Defying Kotek and law, gas stations let people self-serve

• She won’t cut taxes – Meme: Can you spot our Kotek edit?

• Hypocrisy – Kotek mansion gets natural gas fix while denying others

• Costly, unworkable solutions – Photo best sums up Kotek’s housing fix

• Her solution is always spend more – Kotek: Fix homeless by paying everyone’s rent ($87M)

• Unrealistic, unnecessary tax increases – Kotek’s $1.00 liquor tax

• Dishonesty – De-coding Kotek’s $116 billion budget

• Bad ideas – Coastal counties blast Kotek’s homeless emergency order

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