Parents afraid to take their kids to school today

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

I met a Portland area parent who was conflicted over taking her students out of the classroom today due to the the terrorists calling for October 13th as a global ‘Day of Jihad’ and acts of terror.   Local police have taken notice.

I tried to allay her fears.

But you can understand why Oregon parents would be concerned.

They just witnessed two school video attacks from Tualatin’s Hazelbrook school, where it showcased how unsafe our children are and how schools appear to be several steps behind these events.

We also just witnessed a Salem-Keizer teacher get accused of abuse by a third student.  When the teacher was first accused, he was moved from a High School to a Elementary school while he was being investigated.  How about he be re-assigned to no school where kids are present?

We witnessed the City of Portland asking residents not to call 911 except for highest life-or-death reasons.

After Hamas attacked Israel we saw various Oregon groups and voices express tacit support with the attackers.   During the Portland riots, vandals used anti-Israel attacks.

We read this week that a man threatened three different women in their homes over a period of months, broke his restraining order, wielded a knife and made arson threats.  It took nearly four months for this man to be indited.

Parents don’t feel safe, and just the news from the past 21 days shows it.

Oregon needs to return to a place of fully-funded police, tough-on-crime laws, and no tolerance for abusers in our schools.

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