Oregon mass media layoffs, sell-offs

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

EO Media Group which operates a dozen Oregon newspapers will be giving layoffs or cutting hours to nearly 50 Oregon employees.

The Portland Tribune has sold its top publications and well as over 20 other Oregon media outlets which represent some of Oregon’s most well-known newspapers.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation noted just last week, that the Eugene Register Guard daily print newspaper, had on one day reduced local news stories to just three stories while other news filled up 8 pages.

As we have previously reported; The Medford Mail Tribune has closed. At the same time, the national newspaper chain, Gannet, announced 800 staff cuts (both open, closed positions) which impact their newspapers nationwide and locally the Statesman Journal — which is Oregon’s #3 largest newspaper.   Gannet closed two weekly newspapers – the Stayton Mail and the Silverton Appeal Tribune.  Both weeklies have had been in operation since the late 1800s.  The Oregon Catholic Sentinel closed after being in operation since the 1870’s.

WARNING!  The media decline is a sign of broader problems.   The decade-long golden age of advertising is over.  The pull back has not only sunk media companies, but it is sinking all online companies — gaming sites, sport sites, even tech giants like Google, X and Facebook are being hurt by a colossal advertising pullback.  Some of the best known websites have been closing at an alarming rate.