7 powerful reasons Carbon Tax (72-cent gas tax) must be stopped!

Photo: Taxpayer Association supporters opposing Carbon Tax on first day of Session

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Senate Republicans have walked out in protest, and a few Democrat lawmakers have voiced opposition, to the very destructive and punishing Carbon Tax (Sb 1530, HB 4167, also called Carbon cap-and-trade.)

Please. Please. Please verse yourself and educate everyone.   This is a massive $700 million tax labeled as “…one of the most complex and sprawling pieces of legislation ever to come before lawmakers” (Oregonian 6/17/2019).

Every voter must learn of the seven reasons why this tax must be stopped.

1. Public denied a vote. The Carbon tax bill contains a fake emergency clause blocking voters from launching a referendum petition requesting a public vote.

2. It creates poverty. California has an aggressive carbon tax scheme and it and other heavy handed environmental mandates contributed to that state being rated the #1 poverty state in America.

3. All pain. No Gain. Oregon is already among the leading clean states in (carbon per-capita measurements) in the nation. The high cost (72-cent gas tax, 13% utility increase) does not balance out to the small comparative difference it will make in the nation since also Oregon’s primary carbon emitting areas (airports,trains, shipyards) are exempt from the Carbon Tax law.

4. Lack of transparency: Lawmakers were asked to vote on a 177-page amendment to the Carbon tax without having time enough to read it.

5. Bipartisan opposition. The Carbon Tax has bipartisan opposition in the House and Senate. Shouldn’t Oregon’s “one of the most complex and sprawling pieces of legislation ever to come before lawmakers” be created out of bipartisan compromise?

6. No accountability. The sheer power the Carbon Tax gives various state agencies with little oversight is a repeat of the similar flawed green energy tax program called Business Energy Tax Credit which turned into a full blown scandal of tens of millions of tax dollars being misused and people going to jail for fraud.

7. Blatant lying about taxes. The Carbon Tax raises $700 million in new taxes but supporters claim it is not a tax and therefore expect the pass the bill with fewer votes than regular taxes require under the Constitution (2/3rds vote)

This carbon Tax (SB 1530 Cap-and-trade) is expected to be as much as a 72-cent gas tax increase and 13% heating bill increase for Oregonians.

Call your lawmaker to oppose this Carbon Tax

Call 1-800-332-2313 to stop the Oregon Carbon Tax (72-cent gas tax)
Also known as Carbon Cap-and-trade

During the short 35-day Legislative Session (with limited public hearings) Oregon lawmakers are on the verge of speeding through SB 1530 a Carbon Tax Bill which will effectively raise gas prices by 72-cents and heating bills by 13%. California’s carbon tax, contributed to (1) electricity rates jumping 30% (2) nation’s highest gas prices and highest in the nation and (3) the state being rated the state with the #1 poverty rate in America. Oregon’s $700 million Carbon tax will create poverty!

Call your lawmaker toll-free 1-800-332-2313 to stop the Carbon Tax (SB 1530)

1. Tell the Capitol operator (also known as Legislative Policy & Research staff) that you wish to speak to your State Senator
2. Provide the operator the name of your Senator. If you don’t know your Senator, provide the operator with your address so the operator can look up your address to determine who your State Senator is.
3. Once the operator connects you to your Senators office, tell your Senator that you oppose SB 1530 the Carbon Tax Bill. Always be super-courteous and friendly.
4. After you call, you can call back and ask to speak to your State Representative and repeat the process.

You can also email your State Senator and State Representative at

Here is how you can help defeat the Oregon Carbon Tax:

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-Donate! Donate! Donate! Contribute online at OregonWatchdog.com to fight the tax (also learn about Charitable Tax Dedication or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).

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