Chart: Test scores crater. 20% Math. 46% English.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregonian reports that test scores from the pandemic have fallen for EVERY SINGLE GRADE LEVEL till this year.

The worst hit grade levels were 8th and 11th grade.




Governor Brown and liberal lawmakers responded to failing graduation rates by voting to lower graduation standards. Then the same politicians refused to lift the 3% charter school cap.  Parents desperately flocked to these successful schools only to find out that charter schools couldn’t accept them in even though they wanted to because State Government law blocked these schools from expanding.


•  During the pandemic Governor Brown tried to shut down online charter schools because they were getting ahead of regular schools.  Read our article Gov. Brown needlessly shuts down charter schools:

• Portland teacher’s union were too busy during the pandemic to spend time improving education and instead wasted time fighting for a 4-day work week.


• Liberal lawmakers passed a bill making it harder for school boards to fire failing school superintendents.


• In Portland, school administrative staff at the district headquarters saw explosive growth at a 67% increase.   These are expensive bureaucrats that are NOT in the classroom, they are in fact, NOT even in the school building but instead in the district office doing something that is not helping with plummeting test scores.


• Governor Brown made things worse by pressuring schools to stop suspending violent students in early education as a way to promote equality.   Portland public schools pulled all their Portland police security from schools during Portland’s historic crime wave.



•  The rise of violent students caused Reynolds High School to shut down completely.   It wasn’t even safe for teachers to come to class.



• Schools fighting homeless encampments:  In Newberg, parents were forced to spend time during the pandemic fighting the school over homeless encampments adjacent to schools.  In 2022, Portland, Mayor Wheeler had to launch a special effort to clear out homeless encampments near schools.


• Activist teachers and parents promoted endless SKIP-SCHOOL days so students could protest over various political causes.   Each time they did this, it disrupted learning for the rest of the students who did not skip school.



Was this not an impressive list of Oregon’s School failures and reasons why we have plummeting test scores?  

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