Disney political kids film suffers worst drop on record

By Jason Williams
Williams is a culture commentator and founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The latest Disney children’s super-hero film, Ant Man3, just broke a record and it is bad news for Disney.

The film suffered the worst second week box office audience total of any of its two dozen Marvel hero films of the past 20 years.

It encountered a 70% drop in the second week after release — a colossal bomb by Hollywood standards.

That means audiences thoroughly rejected the film and told others not to see it.  It also means the film will not make a profit.   That’s right, Disney will lose money on this film that they spent between $10 million to $20 million for a super-bowl advertisement for.

As previously reported, Disney injected several liberal political moments in the film (touting socialism, etc.).

This comes as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially stripped Disney of their special tax break and self-governing status (a status that was not available to other Florida theme parks).



This comes at a time when Disney this year just announced 7,000 layoffs.



One of the reasons that Disney has to conduct layoffs outside of losing billions in their films, is also because around 2017 Disney promoted Bernie Sanders call for a $15 minimum wage for all employees as an example for the rest of the nation.   Almost immediately after Disney began ramping up their $15 minimum wage, they began to layoff employees and jack up prices in levels not seen in decades.   That was before the pandemic hit.

This comes also at a time when Disney reported that their home streaming service, Disney+, lost $1.5 billion last year in revenue.

Their streaming service, a rival to Netflix, has yet to turn an actual profit since they launched in 2019.

Their streaming service also is losing subscribers (lost 2.4 million).  Clearly, a quiet boycott is hitting Disney.




Despite these huge losses, Disney continues to needlessly showcase blatant political messages in their movies targeted for children.

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