Disney debuts 1st ever f-word, animal torture in kids film

By Jason Williams,
Williams is a researcher and culture commentator and founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon.

Disney super-hero brand, Guardians of the Galaxy, is targeted to kids as young as two years old.



This month, Disney is releasing their latest film Guardians of the Galaxy #3.  Make no mistake, the theaters will be filled with 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 year old children despite the PG-13 rating because Disney has been pushing their Guardians products since they were toddlers.

This film is NOT for kids.

The NY Post calls it a “grotesque and often disturbing movie”

Slate says us the “darkest, grisliest, most disturbing Marvel movie yet … doesn’t short itself on gore either.”

The animal torture scenes were hard even for grown adults to stomach.  You also see people cut in half, children in cages and an extremely disturbing animal torture scene.   This is not for children.

It is also the first Disney super-hero film to feature the F-bomb.

And the F-bomb comes from the hero.

This follows a recent pattern in Disney-only films…

2021 Disney debuts first fully naked intercourse scene in kids’ super-hero film (Eternals)

2022 Disney debuts first profanity use in Star Wars (Andor)

2022 Disney debuts first prostitute scene in Star Wars (Andor)

2022 Disney debuts first one-night stand sex scenes in Star Wars (Andor)

2022 Disney debuts first sex-with-aliens concept in Star Wars (Book of Boba Fett)

2022 Disney debuts first F-word in a super-hero kids’ TV show (She-Hulk)

2022 Disney debuts first ever “walk-of-shame” post-sex scene in super-hero kids’ show (She Hulk)

2023 Disney debuts first ever F-word in super-hero kids’ film (Guardians #3)

Disney is free to create all the adult sci-fi films it wishes.   Instead of creating a sci-fi brand for adults, Disney is taking brands popular with children and stuffing adult content into them.

Since 1977, Star Wars has produced over 300 films and TV shows, all with family friendly content. Now Disney is taking this cherished family brand (one of the last ones remaining) and turning it into a trash can of inappropriate material for children.


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