Best 2019 Oregon Political Cartoons

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

These are cartoons  that the Taxpayer Association helped to invent:



1. Rent-Control memeOregon passed the nation’s first statewide rent-control bill in 2019, following the same law passed by Venezuela on their long slide from thriving capitalism towards socialism and high taxes.


2. 2019 Taxpayer Award nominees  Kitzhaber dumped $12M of tax dollars into a failed company, 28 death row inmates getting a death-penalty pardon, Gov. Brown’s transparency scandal and the death of the evil Carbon Tax.


3. School protest meme: During an education union rally at the Capitol we thought it would be fun to see what it would look like if their signs were honest.


4. Abuse of Power Report: We did a report detailing all the ways Gov. Brown violated the will of voters, blocked citizens from voting and how she did things in secret.


5. Carbon Tax ‘Poverty Rebates’ Cartoon:  The actual $700 million Carbon Tax bill (Hb 2020) includes tax credits for poor people because they know the Bill’s impact (22-cent gas tax hike. 53% utility rate) increase will hurt low-income Oregonians.  Luckily the bill failed.


6. Carbon Tax machine cartoon: Our attempt to show if we follow California’s Carbon tax example we will get California’s results.


7. Gov. Brown’s seven deadly tax sins:  This got 24,000 Facebook likes!!!!


8. PERS kids’ lawsuit: The media lavished endless praise and front-page headlines on the Oregon ‘Climate Kids’ (students who sued to force judges to override the federal government in order to enact sweeping new climate laws).   In response, we created this cartoon to show that the media logic should also be applied to the ‘PERS debt kids’.


9. SAIF raid cartoon: Governor Brown proposed fixing the $26 billion pension crisis by raising taxes, delaying payments and raiding the state’s workers compensation reserves.


10.Gov. Brown shredding Constitution: Gov. Brown passed Oregon’s largest tax in Oregon history and then passed a series of bills making it harder for citizens to repeal it.

11. Cell-phone tax: We did this to show the terrible bill to tax people’s cell-phones to pay for unrelated broadband internet.


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