Disney Snow White remake goes political, police bashing

By Jason Williams
Williams is a writer, researcher and founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Disney’s Snow White remake is set for Spring 2024, and it is already is loaded down with politics.

For starters, as actor James Woods once explained, that before any actor is accepted for a role the studio will scan their social media for any political statements.   This is why many conservatives actors, like James Woods, have said they have been blacklisted in Hollywood.   Meanwhile those that espouse liberal politics get promoted.

Such is Snow White actress Rachel Zegler.  She is not only political but extreme Leftist type political.

Consider her Tweets.

The actress called to abolish the police.


Police bashing is not unique to Disney. Last year Disney introduced a Star Wars show that had the main hero murder a local police officer in cold blood despite being on his knees begging for mercy.   In Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the hero shoots an innocent security guard who is already injured on the ground crying in pain.  In Disney’s super-hero film Back Widow, one of the heroes gets discovered during a prison break scene and ends up destroying the entire prison (innocent prison guards and all) and says “This is a cool way to die”.   This scene made kids laugh at the killing of hundreds of innocent people.   Disney is teaching kids that police officers are disposable trash.


The actress called Trump voters white supremacists.



The Snow White actress herself said the movie will be very political when she said “People are making these jokes about ours being the PC  <politically correct> ‘Snow White,’ where it’s like, yeah, it is.”

Now comes the leaked photos of the Snow White cast which shows almost no dwarfs.

It appears that Disney has removed the dwarfs from the 7 Dwarfs due to liberals saying that using actual small people is insensitive.   Those existing actors say that is 100% wrong, that they have few roles in Hollywood and such mythological roles are the critical career launching role for many in their community.  Those roles help them into more traditional roles.

Political correctness means people will suffer more to appease the few.

I previously wrote how Disney has sabotaged Snow White in the past few years to make a quick buck.

“Consider also Ralph Breaks the Internet, a film that brings together in one room all the Disney princesses for the first time since the creation of Disney. The film depicts most of the princesses as either dumb, simple-minded, or clueless. Snow White is seen as stupid and immature for believing in “true love’s kiss.” The response from the protagonist is “Eww! Barf!” A few seconds later, Snow White reappears, interrupting everyone by singing a short goofy tune for which she receives silence and disparaging looks. Later, Snow White is made to look dumb (again) as she describes how she loves to stare into water wells for inspiration. The year after Ralph Breaks the Internet ridiculed Snow White, Disney released a book called Mirror, Mirror, a Twisted Tale where Snow White is reinvented as a warrior princess. So, two years in a row, Disney made quick cash by selling off a beloved legacy character’s identity for something completely unrelated to who she was. This is so common in Hollywood that it has a name—Jumping the Shark. This is when a studio losing its audience begins doing gimmicks (like when Fonzie from Happy Days jumped a shark on skis) that breaks with the show’s spirit. Disney is Jumping the Shark on much of its list of beloved characters as the company radically wrecks or reinvents them beyond recognition to make a quick dollar. If Disney wants a cartoon princess to lampoon and humiliate, why not create one? If Disney wants a warrior princess, why not create one?”

Additional thought: Furthermore, those 7 dwarfs do not look like miners.   The fact that the 7 dwarfs are miners is central to the Snow White story.  Dwarfs are universally recognized in mythology as being obsessive miners, always pursuing the riches of gold, diamond and gems.  This helps children to understand the message to follow.  Snow White rescues the dwarfs from a shallow obsessive gold-digging life where they have no friends (but their own kind), they are grossly undomesticated, unsanitary, child-like and unskilled in the basic skills of living life.   Snow White saves them from all of this.   When Snow White departs, the dwarf named Bashful, tells her to be careful because he doesn’t know how he could ever live if anything bad happened to her.  Snow White is a powerful metaphor for our children on how mothers save the world in a million different ways.   Yet, it appears that Disney is ditching the entire dwarf narrative and replacing it with 7 humans.   Sadly the strong morality and simplicity of this amazing tale will likely be lost.

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