Disney Christmas show features sick “eat-the-baby” song

By Jason Williams
Williams is a writer, researcher and founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Disney just purchased the most popular TV show in the United Kingdom, Dr. Who.   For the show’s Christmas roll-out (and on Disney+) they featured an episode where a baby is put on conveyor belt heading towards a giant monster to be eaten.   The surrounding goblins sing-a-song about their love of eating babies.   The show even put the lyrics out in karaoke video form in hopes that families can sing it at Christmas parties.


You can watch the video down below or read the lyrics.

“We’ve got a baby, we can feast!
We can dine three days at least.
Baby blood and baby bones,
Baby butter for the baby scones.
Little baby feets, little baby toes,
Ev’ry one of us wants the nose!
…Eat the baby, add some salt!
…Now Baby’s salted, such a treat.”

“Baby we need!
Baby we feed!
Eat with our teeth!
Better than beef!
Baby so soft!
Carried aloft!
Big brown eyes!
… Orphan boys with jet black hair!”

It is understood that eating children has historically been mentioned in popular fairy tales (Hanzel/Gretel), but this song seems way too explicit, callous and gratuitous.    It is another reminder on how far Disney has gone to destroy their family friendly image and do any gimmick to make more money.

This is not the first time Disney had pushed boundaries with kids.

Disney took the family friendly Star Wars franchise and injected profanity, prostitutes and cold blooded cop-killing.

Disney made the most anti-parent kids’ movies called Red Panda.

Disney has injected politics into kids films, touting socialism and pillorying capitalism in two different films this year alone.

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