Best 2022 Oregon political cartoons

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Taxpayers Association of Oregon created all of these cartoons below.


Making fun of the fact that Oregon has produced to much marijuana that it is being smuggled into Mexico.


People thought this Kotek billboard was true.


Oh that Governor Brown bypassing the Legislature … AGAIN!


This is why ODOT is working on tolls that will cost some drivers $2.00 to $8.00 a day.


During Covid Governor Brown and other politicians went on a $36,000 fancy junket to Europe in the name of helping the climate.


This man was arrested for daring to visit a public beach when Governor Brown closed off beach access during Covid.   Yet, while politicians recommended against travel, the politicians’ traveled anyways.


Portland has rules all its own…


Remember, Oregon government employees get guaranteed 7% stock/bond investment returns every year no matter what happens.  When your stocks go down, your taxes go up to fund the 7% guarantee.


Senator Wyden and Senator Warren are the perfect blame-game politicians.


Announcing out 2022 Taxpayers Awards. (a 22-year tradition)


The politicians allowed hard drugs (cocaine, meth, heroin) to be quickly legalized but decided to delay the $200 million rehab funds for nearly two years because they never got around to it.


The month of December 2022 was liberal pro-crime month.


Yes, politicians harassment settlement cost taxpayers $1.4 million in legal costs.


US Senator Ron Wyden’s wife, took PPP loans for employees, but fired the employees anyways.


Governor Brown announces more rolling blackouts while forcing Oregon to buy only electric vehicles.


While America added 87,000 IRS agents they cut local police and Border agents.



One poll showed 57% of Kotek voters think Oregon is on the right track.

When Governor candidate Tina Kotek was spotted wearing a cowboy hat we made a series of articles showing how her actual policies betray the rural Oregon and cowboy way of life.




When Joe Biden came to Oregon to help rescue Tina Kotek’s campaign.


The infamous moment both Tina Kotek and Governor Kate Brown were at the same event not wearing their mask as Oregonians were instructed to do.


That’s a lot of funny and facts we created in 2022.

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