100 non-stop days of virus, shutdown reporting

Milestone!!! Today marks the 100th straight day that the Taxpayer Association of Oregon has published an article regarding the coronavirus and it’s historic economic shutdown.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

– We debated a shutdown before there was a shutdown.

– We offered re-opening ideas back when people were afraid to talk about it.

– We chronicled every mis-step by the Governor and complimented every correct one.

– We offered free masks to people in need — 2,000 sent!

Most of all, during this unparalleled dark moment in history, the Taxpayer Association of Oregon offered up 100 consecutive days of ideas, solutions, commentary, debate, local reporting and lots of up-to-the-minute facts on this virus catastrophe.

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Oregon: 35th in job recovery

9 ways Gov. acted secretly over COVID-19

Oregon among last to open, 1st to tax

Lawmakers using virus emergency to pass cell tax

Riot curfew bad, business curfew good?

40% virus deaths tied to nursing homes!

Your opinion: Gov.’s mandatory masks in 7 counties

Special Session agenda items

Gov. pressed to free 2,000 inmates to protect public health

Oregon among last 3 states to re-open!

Oregon not unique. Infections up across nation

COVID hospitalizations are way down

Brown releasing 100 prisoners as virus safeguard

Multnomah’s June 12 re-open is painfully too late

Metro plans 2nd income tax during shutdown

Freeway protesting a safe COVID activity? Cutting hair illegal?

Some economic pain you can’t see

Oregon avoids virus rebound,

Uncertainty causes people to freeze spending

Since Oregon DMV computers crashed…

Nurses get pay cuts due to virus…liberalism

Second Oregon agency meltdown during virus

Oregon still in bottom 5 deaths per-capita states

Portland Small Business: 3 new taxes in 2020

$450 return-to-work bonus?

Blocking Oregon beaches comes at huge cost

Where Oregon stands on virus rise/fall

Multnomah’s late opening trips up PPP relief funds

Does your small business need masks?

Nearly 50% of jobless claims (220,000) stuck!

12 lessons from quarantine travel. What Oregon can expect.

10 photos from hard hit Seaside, changing Oregon

Where Oregon stands on new cases

Oregon lagging nation on re-opening

Tough news for Oregon from a re-opened restaurant

Seaside hotels only open to essential workers who live in County

Do you need a mask?

In shutdown, big business poaches workers from smaller ones

Oregon approves 29 local taxes as we enter recession

Politicians load shutdown with 38 new taxes

Judge strikes down Gov.’s shutdown order

OHSA and child welfare agency harass salon owner who opened

Closed county people can’t shop in open counties

Oregon falls behind on re-opening

6 ways we attracted the nation’s homeless. (Metro 26-20- tax makes it worse)

Oregon cases by zip code

Second computer crash could cost $100 million

Kicker Refund saved politicians from themselves

PDX Airport is an Economic Crime Scene

16 counties apply to re-open

Study: 66% infections came from home!

Should Lawmakers approve Emergency extensions? (like other states)

Details behind Gov. region re-open plan. Your thoughts?

Taxpayer Association: 50 straight days of virus/shutdown articles

Gov. Brown draft includes 10pm restaurant curfew?

Portland Quarantine: Closing 100 miles of streets with barrel blocks 9,000 Likes!

For every Oregon virus death 3,320 lost their jobs 8,000 Likes!

Media blasts Gov. 4x in 1 week over chaos, confusion

Should Oregon open their beaches like other states?

How Oregon compares to other lockdown states

New Oregon Business sales tax (CAT Tax) claims first victims – 23,000 Likes!

Is Oregon seeing a virus bounce back?

Oregon Shutdown: Suicide, crime up 20% 10,000 Likes!

7 point plan to re-open Oregon

Antifa activist sues landlord grandma over stimulus violation

Good News: 5 counties with no cases

Portland Tribune: No on Metro small business tax 26-210

Huge Job loss. Yet, Oregon still in the dark

Metro’s small business tax is economic suicide!

Oregon restaurant: Stimulus keeps people unemployed

Gov. Brown pledges to tax small businesses with no customers 51,000 Likes!!!

24 states re-open ready. Oregon’s not on the list  — 13,000 Likes!

Oregon might be closed till May 25: What’s your opinion

Gov. Brown’s California deal doesn’t add up

Oregon unemployment chart is a shocker

25 ways China, Iran, Italy made the outbreak much worse

About 20% small business to close if we go into May

Gov. Brown’s business re-open plan fails to include business — 11,000 Likes!

Need economic stimulus? Don’t forget your $739 Kicker Refund

Virus puts local media in a unique bind

Gov. Brown should follow President’s re-opening plan

Gov. Brown: 5 major mishaps in one week

Gov. Brown eyes prison release over virus response

Gov. Brown caught lying on virus test kits

Fox News on Oregon ventilator surplus flop

Governor funds new Climate jobs while agencies crash for lack of help

Media asks “Where is our Governor?”

Can you spot the three errors in this cartoon?

Gov. Brown’s charter school fail makes national news

President is right on mask wearing directive

Governor, Lawmakers drop plans to meet. Apparently nothing important is going on.

Stimulus tax $$$ for casinos, union bosses, sunscreen?

Self-serve gas legalized. Should plastic bags be next?

Gov. Brown raises gas prices during virus outbreak, bad economy 64,000 Likes!!!

Email lawmakers: Repeal cruel recession tax on business (CAT)

3 Coronavirus charts: Where Oregon stands

Italy comparison chart shows quarantine works

Gov. Brown needlessly shuts down online charter schools 21,000 Likes!!!

Wasteful pork spending in the virus aid bill

April 7 as Oregon virus benchmark results day

Here comes #4 disruption trend from the virus

Both Pelosi, Gov. Brown inject Carbon Tax during virus outbreak 23,000 Likes!

Gov. Brown botches Spring Break beach pull-back

Share your ideas for Oregon to beat Coronavirus

Oregon’s high virus neighbors may spur rollbacks here

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